Aftercare Tips for a Windshield Replacement

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Once you have had your windshield replaced, the following 24 hours can ensure that the replacement lasts. It is important to ensure that the seal does not break. If at all possible, it is a good idea to avoid driving. If you would like to learn additional information on how you can take care of your windshield that has recently been replaced, continue reading the article below.

1. Wait to Drive the Vehicle

If you have to drive your automobile after having the windshield replaced, it is recommended that you at least wait one hour. You must do your best to avoid speed bumps, potholes, and bridges that tend to vibrate sensation as you are driving.

You should also avoid slamming any doors and keep at least one window open a minimum of one inch. If you keep all of your windows up, the pressure inside the cabin of your vehicle will build, particularly if it is an extremely hot day. This built-up pressure will cause the seals of your newly replaced windshield to break, requiring repair.

2. Wait on Washing the Vehicle

You will want to avoid pressure-washing your vehicle and taking it through a car wash. Ideally, you will want to wait several days after having the new auto glass installed before cleaning it. You don't have to worry about rain causing any damage to the new windshield, nor will you worry about causing damage to the auto glass if you decide to wash your vehicle by hand. You will want to avoid creating clutter in your dashboard or applying any amount of pressure to the glass, though. In addition, the adhesive tape should remain in place for about 48 hours or as directed by the installer.

3. Consider the Future

After the waiting period is done, you'll perform a thorough cleaning of the auto glass using a quality cleaner. When you notice that the windshield wipers are causing streaks, replace them immediately. If chips occur in the auto glass, you will want to have them repaired as soon as possible. Make sure to also avoid parking directly in the sun or heat for extended periods of time, as heat can cause the glass to weaken over time and can also result in the seals drying out.

If you believe that you need a windshield replacement, get in touch with a professional auto glass shop sooner rather than later.