Own An Office Building? Keep It In Good Condition By Installing New Windows

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If you own an office building, it is important that you keep it in good condition. One thing that is important is the windows. Having old windows can affect the aesthetics of your building, which can result in a bad impression from clients and customers. Fortunately, you have new windows and glass installed by a commercial glass contractor. Below is some information about the services a commercial glass contractor can offer you.

Services Offered

Most commercial glass contractors offer a variety of services to their customers including:

Storefront Glass

A commercial glass contractor can install storefront glass for you. This is beneficial as this is the first thing your customers and clients see when they walk into your building. If you have damaged glass, this will give a bad first impression of your company.


Skylights are windows that are installed on the roof. In most cases, only one small window is installed. There are many benefits of skylights including reducing energy consumption and making the environment around the skylight much more pleasant.

Automatic Windows

Many contractors can also install automatic windows or automatic doors. This is something that you need to consider for people that have handicaps and not able to open or close doors or windows. 

Ribbon Windows

Ribbon windows are a continuous run of windows that generally have an aluminum frame. Ribbon windows can be installed for exterior windows or inside your company. 

Curtain Wall

A curtain wall is a wall that has thin glass that generally has an aluminum frame. The glass and frame attach to the exterior building. This is beneficial as the glass does not have to carry the roof or floor loads of your building.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are a type of window that features a horizontal bar or beam that separates a door and a window that is installed above the door. This is often used for interior doors but can also be used for exterior doors. 

Translucent Panels

Translucent panels can be used in window systems or in a skylight. This is used to bring in natural light which will allow you to have daylight inside your office spaces. This is beneficial as you would not have a need to use incandescent lighting. This is also an eco-friendly option. 

Talk with a commercial glass contractor to learn of other services they can offer you. The contractor can also go over different types of window glass you can choose from for your windows.