Are You Designing An Eclectic Master Bathroom?

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Is your master bedroom a very traditional one? If so, maybe you want to have something completely different and fun for your master bathroom. Or maybe your bedroom has an eclectic feeling to it, too. In either case, if you are in the process of designing an eclectic master bathroom, do you already have a detailed plan for that purpose? If you are still in the planning stages of establishing your eclectic master bathroom keep reading. Here are some ideas that might help you, from buying a frameless shower door to selecting unique decor items.

Arrange for Glass Shower Door Services

Think of starting with a traditional frameless shower door. By doing that, the shower door will go with any decor you select now or in the future. Frameless shower doors are so easy to install that the workers will have the job done in a very short time. The glass door will probably be securely closed by a strong magnet device that won't even show.

Think of the kind of design you want for the glass shower door. For instance, do you want brass or chrome for the hardware? Do you want the shower door to have a towel rod both inside and outside the door? There are many styles from which you can make your choice, and every single one of them will be easy to maintain. The fact that frameless shower doors are affordable is just the frosting-on-the-cake.

Select The Eclectic Bathroom Decor

While selecting the shower door was a practical choice, choosing the bathroom decor will be the fun part of your design. The fact that you want an eclectic feeling in the master bathroom means that you can buy many of the items you need at a world market store. For example, select unique floor mats that will complement the bold colors you have chosen for the towels.

Consider buying artwork that will add to the eclectic feeling in the bathroom. For example, framed animal prints or framed posters of people from other countries in their native clothing would be one way to establish a unique and eclectic feeling. Think of buying things like shells to hold hand soap. If there is enough space in the bathroom, consider selecting a tall shelf where you can display decorative items that will add to the eclectic feeling you want. For example, if you store folded towels on the tall shelf, add things like a set of maracas from Mexico or a fun ceramic frog from Brazil.