Choose Windows That Are Strong To Protect Your Sunroom From Damage

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You may have been hesitant about having a sunroom added to your home because you are fearful that heavy winds and flying debris could break through the windows that will be part of the room's construction. Since sunrooms usually contain large panes of glass, you may want to choose impact-resistant windows. Impact-resistant windows look the same as regular glass panes, but the glass is laminated and surrounded by heavy-duty frames.

Consider These Types Of Windows As An Investment

Impact windows may cost more initially, since they are designed with stronger materials that standard windows. Even though you may pay extra for these type of windows, you could actually be saving yourself money in the long run.

With standard windows, you will be taking a chance every hurricane season. If damage does occur, you may need to purchase new windows and have repairs made to the inside of your home, if rain and wind has damaged some of the materials in the sunroom.

A silicone glazing process is used during the construction of hurricane-safe windows. This process will prevent glass panes from separating from their respective frames. 

Save Money On Your Insurance, Regulate Your Energy Use, And Protect Possessions

Impact-resistant windows may save you money on your homeowners insurance policy. To find out how much of a difference you will see in what you are charged, check with your insurance agent. Tint can be added to the new windows to assist with regulating how much energy is used.

Naturally, you will want to allow sunlight in, but it could become very hot and uncomfortable inside of the sunroom; this would limit the amount of time that you would like to use the room. With tint, natural light will still filter through the room, but the ultraviolet rays will be blocked.

As a result, you will be more comfortable and any linens, window coverings, carpeting, and decor inside of the room won't be subjected to damage associated with too much exposure to the sun. 

Move Projectiles And Trim Branches

Even though impact windows can withstand severe weather, there is no use taking unnecessary chances with your investment by testing out the strength of each pane that you have purchased. Upon hearing about severe weather that is headed your way, remove loose items from your yard and trim branches that are close to the sunroom to prevent debris from hitting the room's exterior.