3 Big Reasons To Only Have A Windshield Replaced By A True Professional

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A misguided baseball, a drastic change in temperature, and a piece of flying debris are all causes of unexpected damage to a car window that can be just a part of everyday life. If your car windshield has been damaged by some unforeseen event or occurrence, your first inclination may be to head to Google to find out two things. One, you will be looking for the price of a windshield replacement, and two, you will be trying to figure out if this could be a DIY task you could tackle on your own. Before you order the new windshield and start gathering what you need, you should know there are three important reasons why you are always better off to trust a professional with this job. 

Installing a replacement windshield can be a lot harder than it looks. 

You pull up a few YouTube videos and even find one showing a dude installing a windshield in a car just like yours. He says it's an easy task for anyone, but simplicity of auto repair tasks like these is judged differently according to the individual. In order to complete this task right, you will need several people to help you lift the heavy windshield into place, some specialty tools so you do not damage the new windshield in the process, and quite a bit of patience, as the glass can be cumbersome and hard to work with. 

Hiring a professional to install the windshield for you means you will probably get a warranty on the work. 

When you reach out to an auto glass replacement service for help with your bad windshield, you will be able to rest easy because you know your money is being invested wisely. In fact, most auto glass repair specialists offer some form of warranty on their work for a short time after the work is complete. So if something goes wrong with the windshield after replacement, it will not cost you anything to get it fixed. 

Your car insurance will probably pay to have the window replaced by a professional. 

Depending on what type of car insurance you have and where you are located, the damage to your windshield may be covered by your policy even if the damage was your fault. Therefore, if you jump the gun and decide to install the replacement on your own, this may be something that you could've had paid for by your auto insurance if you would have just turned it in.