Instant Solutions To Prevent Or Replace Broken Glass From Dangerous Storms

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Do you live in an area that is prone to severe weather? Perhaps there have been evacuations in the past due to severe storms such as hurricanes. Most of the time citizens receive adequate warnings when a severe storm is expected in their area. These warnings can give them time to prepare for the event. Disaster preparedness plans should include protecting your home or commercial property. The following are a few ways that a window and glass repair company can help you prepare and recover from severe storms. 

Board Up Services

This service can be performed before or after a storm. If it is done prior to a storm, it can be effective for reducing the chances of glass getting broken when storms hit. However, sometimes board up services are needed after storms occur. This is because some people do not prepare for storms correctly due to them under-assessing the seriousness of the expected weather. Other times people may not have enough time to schedule the service. For example, an emergency evacuation that is abruptly announced could leave property owners scrambling to get out of the path of a storm. Board up services that are performed after a storm can prevent further property damage and burglaries. 

Replacement Glass

If your windows are damaged as a result of high winds and flying debris, you will eventually need to get the windows replaced. It would be beneficial to consider getting new glass that can withstand high-impacts. This type of glass is generally made of tempered glass, which is glass that is similar to the type installed in the windshields of vehicles. Choosing this type of replacement glass may even lower your insurance premiums. Perhaps upgrading to a better performing glass is not in your budget. Then you should consider getting protective film applied to your standard replacement windows. The window film makes traditional glass windows more stable. This film will aid in preventing windows from shattering. 

Storm Windows or Doors

These are ideal if you want to add an extra layer of protection when the next inclement weather event happens in your area. Window repair professionals install storm windows over existing windows to make them more stable. Storm windows are made to resist impacts. There are also storm door options. They are installed similarly to storm windows. Your main door would remain intact and the storm door would be installed in front of it to thwart high-impacts. If you choose to get both of these installed, your energy bills may slightly improve. This is because the added layer of protection to the windows and doors aids in reducing air flow.