Common Questions About Windshield Repair

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For those who have never had a windshield repair need before, there are a few common questions that come up. Here is a guide to first-time auto glass replacement

Do I Really Need to Get it Repaired?

Many people wonder whether a repair is really necessary. The answer depends on the damage. If the damage isn't within your line of sight, it may be less urgent to repair. If the crack extends from one side of the windshield to another, though, it's a more urgent repair need. Size also matters; anything less than the size of a quarter for chips is fairly manageable, but if you see a crack or chip that continues to spread out, it becomes more of an urgent problem. 

Will My Insurance Cover it?

Whether or not your insurance will cover windshield repair depends on your auto insurance coverage and the incident in question. If the damage was due to a collision, you may be able to get it covered if you have collision insurance. Your insurance company may also cover auto glass replacement if you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage. And in some states, you can get the deductible waived on your comprehensive insurance coverage, as long as the crack is on the front auto glass. 

Do I Have to Replace the Entire Windshield?

The answer is often no. There are a number of techniques that an auto body shop can use to repair just the portion of the glass that is damaged. For instance, they can drill a hole into the glass and inject a special resin that will strengthen and clarify the damaged area. They might also use sanding or other techniques to soothe the rough edges of the windshield crack. An auto glass replacement is reserved for severe windshield damage, such as multiple pits in different areas or combination cracks. 

What Is the Process Like?

There is a fairly standard process that will occur when you take your car in for windshield repair. First, the technician will size up the damage and suggest the type of fix, whether it be a repair or auto glass replacement. They should give you a written cost estimate that you must review and sign. Some companies will offer you a shuttle to your home if they need to keep the car for over a day. When you pay for the repair, you will get a receipt that you can then file with your insurance company, if necessary.