Three Reasons Your Health Is Safer When Using A Shower Door And Not A Curtain

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It would be easy to see any bathroom as a hazardous zone if the risks were thought about too frequently. The potential exists for all types of dangers including slips and falls, child safety in the tub, and much more. Replacing the shower curtain will not suddenly make a bathroom 100 percent safe, but it will reduce many risks people are not even considering. Here are three reasons every bathroom could become a little safer just by installing a glass shower door. 

Reduce Mold Risk

Mold grows easily on shower curtains and liners. Many of these materials never fully dry out before they are used again. The heat of the bathroom combined with the constant moisture makes this the perfect place for porous materials to grow mold. When liners and curtains are pushed aside as people exit the shower or bath, the mold grows even faster. Glass shower doors are a non-porous material that resists mold growth easier. The doors are easy to keep clean with a quick squeegee after each use. The risk of mold is eliminated entirely on the door when frame-less doors are installed. 

Stop Bacteria Growth

Harmful bacteria lives comfortably on shower curtains. These are common bacteria that are found on the human body that are transferred by water splashing from the body to the curtain. Like mold, bacteria thrives in the bathroom because of the moisture and warmth. Bacteria remains and multiplies on the fabric and is transferred to the hands when people open and close the curtain. Those hands then touch eyes, noses and mouths. Many people are not affected because their immune system is designed to fight off these common problems, but the bacteria is a concern for the elderly, children, and anyone with a weakened immune system. Glass shower doors resist bacteria growth and are easier than curtains to keep clean and free of nasty germs. 

Prevent Chemical Exposure

One of the biggest health concerns today is with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These fumes are released from many products and have the potential to cause allergy issues, asthma attacks and many other ailments. Many products release VOCs and vinyl shower curtains are one that is noted that people should be concerned about. There are numerous chemicals in the average shower curtain and since people typically remove it from the package, hang it up immediately, and leave it in an enclosed space, the fumes are trapped in the bathroom. The suggestion is to use natural products like cotton or hemp, but these are not waterproof and will still require a liner. This means purchasing a PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) liner to prevent water leakage. The problem is that PEVA liners may be safer, but they are still made from petrochemicals and are not entirely VOC-free. Glass shower doors are VOC-free. 

Glass shower doors keep shower stalls bright and help to make bathrooms look larger. They have the spa-like look that many homeowners are seeking. When homeowners also consider how easy they are to clean and the additional safety points of having them rather than a shower curtain it is easy to see why this is the best choice for nearly every home. 

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