Why Business Owners Should Repair Plate Glass Windows

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Are you a business owner with large windows out front? Has one of your employees or your customers accidentally damaged one of the windows? Replacing a large window that is cracked can be an expensive and time-consuming repair for your business. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be as costly as you might expect. If the damage is relatively minor, plate glass repair might be an option instead of replacement. Here are some other reasons why you should consider looking into a repair:

Lower cost: As previously mentioned, plate glass can be expensive. A very large store window could easily cost several hundred dollars or more in materials and labor to replace. If the glass is mostly intact and the damage is more or less superficial, it can feel ridiculous replacing the entire thing. With plate glass repair, you don't have to replace all the glass. The professional repair technicians will assess the damage and let you know whether a repair is actually possible. If it is, they will use a special resin to fill the cracks in the glass. Instead of having to purchase a giant piece of plate glass, you'll only be spending a small amount on the resin and for the labor involved.

Avoids closures: Replacing a large sheet of plate glass can be a potentially hazardous situation. Customers could inadvertently get in the way of the workers as it's being installed, possibly leading to shattered panes of glass and injuries. For this reason, a glass replacement company may advise you to close your business early or block off large sections of your parking lot in order to prevent accidents. Without places to park or when faced with unexpected closures, your potential customers may look elsewhere for their goods or services. But with plate glass repair, none of this is necessary. The job will be handled by just one or two repair technicians who won't be handling large pieces of glass. They may still need to block off a small section of your sidewalk or inside your store, so that they don't get bumped into while working, but nothing like what might be expected for total replacement.

Unnoticeable: If you're considering a plate glass repair, you may be wondering whether or not your "new" window will look as good as it did before it was damaged. If you've seen cracked plate glass that has been hastily repaired by business owners who were armed with just tape or window clings, you have a right to be worried. Fortunately, when handled by a professional, the damage should be practically invisible. The resin used will have optic properties that are almost identical to the glass itself. While you may or may not be able to see small imperfections if you stand up close and inspect where the damage was, the average person is not likely to notice that there was any damage in the first place. You may even have regular customers question you as to when you had the window replaced.