4 Creative Uses For Glass When Remodeling Your Home

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One way to make your home feel modern during a remodeling project is to use glass. It not only adds a clean and simple aesthetic that can make a home look more elegant in places. If you can't think of creative uses for glass on your own, here are 4 ways you can have it installed in your house.

Glass Walls

When you want to bring attention to a specific room, a glass wall is a way to do it. It's normal for someone's eyes to be drawn to an object in a room, and a glass wall will act like a centerpiece.

Consider using a glass wall around a fireplace, since it will allow the flames to reflect off of the surface and make your whole room have a warm feel to it. A glass wall separating a kitchen can give guests a peek at what is happening inside while still giving you the ability to mingle while cooking.

Glass Sinks

You can make your bathroom really stand out by using a glass sink that is installed on a counter. Place the sink on a surface made from natural stone or wood to give a bathroom a different vibe. Glass sinks are also easy to clean. A rag and glass cleaner are the only things you need if you want the sink to sparkle.

Glass Floors

Are you planning on having a balcony that overlooks a living area? Adding glass in a floor can cause guests to marvel at this radical addition to a home. The glass just needs to be a small window that allows you to look down and see what is happening below you. Glass flooring can also be used in an entryway. You can use it to display artwork below as people come in, which will be a huge talking point for those that see it.

Glass Doors

In some situations, you want to have separation, but privacy isn't always necessary. A glass door can help a room feel much more open than it was before. You may also use it to creatively hide something that you sometimes want to see. For example, a glass door on a closet with a slight window tint will appear dark most of the time, but flip on the light switch and you'll be able to see what's inside without opening the door.

For more ideas on how to use glass in your remodeling project, work with a contractor that specializes in cutting custom glass. Companies like Glass Service Center Inc. may be able to meet your needs in this area.