How To Repair A Small Crack Or Hole In Your Car's Windshield

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A car windshield is an integral part of the structure of your car. If your windshield is damaged is lessens the strength and integrity of the entire top of your car. Small damage to your windshield can often be repaired in lieu of replacing the entire windshield if it is not too large. The maximum size of windshield damage that can be repaired is approximately 2.5" x 5" in total size. If you have small chip or crack in your windshield, you can repair it as follows: 

Thoroughly Clean the Windshield:

Apply Resin to the Windshield:

Watch the Windshield Repair: Small cracks or holes in your windshield can turn into large traveling cracks in your windshield, even if they have been repaired. Keep a careful watch on the repair you made to the damaged windshield, and if the damage gets larger, it means that the windshield is under stress and cannot be repaired. 

If you have a damaged front windshield, you can attempt to repair it, but remember that even with all of your efforts, that windshield repair may not work. Your car's windshield is an essential part of the structure of your car, you do not want to risk your car's strength and structural integrity with a repair that does not work. At that point, you must take your car into a qualified auto glass repair shop and have your windshield replaced. Do this for your own safety and the safety of the passengers that ride in your car.