Have A Broken Window? Consider These 3 Questions Before Replacing The Glass

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Did a storm recently come through your town and damage your glass windows? One of your concerns may be how much the repairs will cost you.  Homeowners insurance may cover some of the costs, but you may also be wondering if it's time to repair or replace the windows. Consider these 3 questions before you have the glass replaced.

Is Insurance The Best Option For Repair?

Take some time to figure out if filing an insurance claim is worth it for this kind of damage.  Count up the number of broken glass panes that you have.  If you only have a few, it will be better to cover the expenses out of your own pocket.  This holds true if your home insurance policy has a higher deductible.  Deductible costs will need to be covered before insurance kicks in and pays for the remainder.  The end result could be an insurance claim that only covers a very small amount of the costs, and premiums that increase the next year.

Do You Need To Repair The Window Right Away?

A broken window may seem like an emergency, but it is not the worst thing that can happen to your home.  Windows break in homes every single day, and it's very easy to board up a window as a preventative measure.  It may not be the best for your HVAC system, but it will do its job of keeping out pests and deterring criminals from getting in.

Boarding up a window will allow you to take your time to research a glass repair company in your area, and even save money by not having a rush service so that it can be fixed.  Keep in mind that double-pane windows may take longer to have repaired if they need to be special ordered, which will result in the window being boarded up in the interim.

Are Your Windows Old?

If your home had older single-pane windows that were already on their last legs, you should think of this as a good time to do a home upgrade.  Double-pane windows are going to be much more energy efficient for your home, saving up to 24% on your energy bills compared to using single-pane windows.  There is no sense in repairing a window that you plan on replacing in the near future. 

No matter what path you decide to go down to repair your window, get in touch with a professional in your area that can provide you with a consultation and a price quote for their services to repair the damage for you.