Increasing Worker Productivity With The Use Of Indoor Glass

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Americans are estimated to spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, and this extends through to the working hours. While there has been a lot of concern for air quality and its effect on worker health and productivity, the fact is that productivity can also be affected by the quality of light that is available in the office. The specific layout of the office and the use of glass can be used to engage employees and often help to reduce stress. 

So if you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your employees, here are some glass-related facts to consider

Be my sunshine

Natural light affects mood and sleep cycles. This is an important feature of worker productivity, as it is estimated that workers who do not have access to natural light during the work hours are more likely to lose sleep during the night and are therefore less rested than their counterparts. This contributes to daytime dysfunction and less productivity. Having glass in the workplace that either replaces interior walls or solid doors can give access to natural light. It is also recommended that transparent glass be used for areas that do not require privacy and that glass in workstations should be below 42 inches so that seated employees can still have the benefit of looking through and enjoying the view.   

Having glass that allows for a view of the windows can also reduce the feeling of being crowded which can help to reduce stress, increase worker engagement and increase the sense of satisfaction in the work space. All these factors can lead to happier and more productive employees. 

Color and vitality

Colors have an impact on moods and feelings of stress, so having vibrant colors in the office can lead to improved vitality and energy. The use of colored glass not only allows for the passage of natural light but adds to the decor of the office while presenting an open feel. However, the color choice and placement should be carefully considered, as too much of one color can also be overwhelming. The most recommended colors to use in the office include blues and greens, for efficiency and focus, reds for urgency and yellows for energy and creativity. 

Mirrored walls can also be used to effect in the office as these give the illusion of space and reflect even more natural light in the space, which allows for a more inviting feel. 

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