Three Easy Ways To Fix The Damage Children Sometimes Cause To Car Windows During A Road Trip

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During long road trips, children often get bored and sometimes do things that they are not supposed to do. Children often like to draw, play games, or even play with sticker books during car rides, but sometimes they get bored with using the items on paper. When this happens, the interior of your car, including your car windows, often becomes the canvas for their creative expression. If you notice that your child has created a unique piece of artwork on your windows during a drive, do not get frustrated. Instead, use the following guide to learn how to fix the most common forms of damage kids cause to car windows during trips.

Remove Permanent Marker from the Glass

Removing permanent marker from the glass may be much easier than you think. Draw over your little Picasso's work of art with a dry erase marker. The dry erase marker breaks down the ink in the permanent marker so that you can easily wipe it away from the glass with a dry paper towel. You do not need to match the colors of ink to remove the marker from the window. Any color of dry erase marker will remove the permanent marker from the glass.

Remove Stickers from the Glass

Removing stickers from glass is not difficult to do at all. All you need to do is break down the glue that adheres to the glass and you should be able to easily pull the sticker free quickly and easily. Use a rubbing alcohol wipe to gently rub the sticker the alcohol will break down the glue and you should be able to peel away the sticker within a matter of a few minutes without a residue being left behind.

Remove Crayon Marks from the Glass

Removing crayon marks from glass is not difficult either. All you need to do is rub a bit of nail polish remover over the crayon, allow it to sit for a few seconds and then use a dry rag to gently buff away the crayon. The nail polish remover breaks down the wax that the crayon is made of so that you can easily wipe it off of the glass.

If scratches are made into the glass or you find that you cannot fix the issues on your own, you can take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop like Premiere Glass And Mirror. The technicians at the shop not only replace broken glass, they also repair damage to glass quickly and easily.