Repair The Chipped Window Pane In Your Kitchen

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You're cutting your grass on your riding lawnmower and then the unthinkable happens, a rock flies up and hits your kitchen window. If the glass chips as a result of this, do not panic. You can easily fill in the damaged area with a glass repair kit. Once you have finished, the damage will no longer be apparent and your window pane will remain intact.



If you can't reach the window from the ground, set up a ladder next to it. Locate the chipped area and pull fragments of glass out it with a pair of tweezers. Hold a magnifying glass over the damaged section so that you can easily spot where they are. Clean the window off with glass cleaner and a dry, lint-free cloth. 

Set Up

Inside of your tool kit, you will notice a tool that contains suction cups on one end. On the other end of the tool, there is a circular opening. Line up the opening so that it is directly over the center of the chip. Attach the suction cups to the window by pressing them firmly onto the window pane. It is very important that the tool is lined up correctly. Confirm this by going into your home and viewing the glass from the opposite side.

Additional Pieces

Insert the long tube into the back of the hole. Once the threading on each piece has been matched up, tighten the tube by turning it clockwise. Put on a pair of rubber gloves so that the epoxy resin does not get onto your skin. Open the resin and pour a few drops into the back of the tube.

Connect the end piece by inserting the threaded end into the back of the application tube and turning it clockwise. The end piece will place pressure on the resin so that it bonds to the glass. Leave the tool in place for a few minutes, then carefully remove it by lifting the suction cups off of the glass.

Finishing Steps

Lay the thin piece of film that is in your kit over the repaired area. Attach it to the window pane with a few pieces of masking tape. Run a plastic spreader firmly over the top of the film in straight lines. This will assist with leveling out the epoxy in case too much was added to the repaired area. Wait for the epoxy to dry. You can go in your house during this step. The drying time will depend upon the weather conditions.

Look at the window from inside your kitchen. When you see that the epoxy has turned clear, it is dry. Remove the finishing film. Your window pane will look as good as new.

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