How To Preserve Energy When You Have A Sliding Glass Door

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If you have a sliding glass door, you could be losing more heat or cool air than you think. Sliding glass doors can waste a lot of energy simply because glass doesn't do as good of a job of preventing heat or cool air loss as many other types of doors. Luckily, if you follow these steps, you can help prevent your utility bills from going up because of your glass door.

Keep the Track Clean

Although cleaning your sliding glass door track might not be a regular part of your cleaning routine, it is essential. Dirt and debris can get in the way of your sliding glass door closing completely and sealing as it should, which can cause energy loss. Luckily, it should be easy to wipe out the track with a damp cloth.

Keep it Covered

You might like leaving your sliding glass door exposed so that you can allow natural light to come in, but doing so can cause a lot of energy loss. When the sun shines in through your sliding glass door, it can make your home a whole lot warmer. Conversely, cold air can easily come in through your glass door if it isn't properly covered during the winter months. Luckily, large, heavy blinds, shades or curtains can help keep the sun's hot rays out and can provide an added barrier between your home and any cool outdoor air.

Add Tint

Window tint isn't just for your vehicle; it can also be used on your sliding glass door. By adding window tint, you can actually keep your curtains and blinds open so that you can see out without allowing too many harsh rays into your home. Although this might not be an effective option during the winter, it can help keep your home cool during the summer without the need for heavy window coverings.

Keep it Well-Sealed

Keep a close eye on your siding glass door, and check with your hands for any cold or warm drafts. Then, consider adding weatherstripping or using caulk to close up any cracks. Even the smallest of cracks can let drafts in, so this inspection is an important step to take at least several times a year.

Sliding glass doors can waste a lot of energy, but there are ways that you can cut down on energy loss issues. Remember these tips, and you're sure to see lowered heating and cooling bills. If you need any help to seal or maintain your glass door, don't hesitate to call a company like Ryan's All-Glass for assistance.