Keep Your Windows Insulated This Winter

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The country has seen one of the coldest winters yet and more snow is expected as winter continues. When it comes to protecting and insulating your windows during the winter, you could end up saving your household a substantial amount of money. From applying a seal so the air doesn't enter your home to replacing the glass with a more energy efficient product, it is important to understand the steps you need to take to insulate your windows properly. Here are three ways you can do this in your own home. 

Installing Storm Windows

Storm windows are a cheaper alternative to replacement windows. They act as a buffer between the inside of your home and the outside elements. You can reduce the amount of heat loss your home experiences in the winter by installing storm windows. You can choose between installing interior storm windows and exterior storm windows depending on your preference. For those living in an apartment, the more common type of storm window installed in an apartment is an interior one. This way the window cannot be seen from the outside. Storm windows come in tempered, laminated, standard, and heavy-duty glass. 

Sealing the Windows

If you've ever walked by a window and felt a breeze, this is a sure sign your windows are not securely insulated. In order to make sure they are well sealed, you need to seal up any openings you find after a good inspection. The older your windows get, the seal becomes more worn out. Using either rubber weather sealing or caulk, you can ensure the window is completely sealed. If you opt to use the rubber sealing, you will need to cut it to the desired length. Then you just peel and stick the sealing around the window for a tighter seal. If you choose to use caulk, you will place the caulk around that same perimeter where you found the opening. It is important that you check back annually to make sure the seal is holding up. 

Adding Curtain and Drapes

If you thought curtains were just for dressing up a room, you were wrong. They can be used to help keep out light, add privacy, and especially keep cold air from getting into your home. To reduce the amount of heat loss you experience through your windows, you want to add heavy duty fabrics. you can also double up on the fabric to reduce the amount of draft that enters your home. 

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